Arkansas Alumni Association staff at Full Circle Campus Food Pantry. From left to right: Carolyn Baltz, Kelly Bostick, Heath Bowman, Meredith Hawkins, Terri Dover and Deb Euculano.

As the winter season looms ahead, many food pantries struggle to keep shelves stocked for needy customers. However, for the University of Arkansas Full Circle Campus Food Pantry, the fear of empty shelves this season is not an issue.

On Jan. 7, Arkansas Alumni Association staff members, Terri Dover, Heath Bowman, Deb Euculano, Kelly Bostick, Carolyn Baltz and Meredith Hawkins, took part in the Helping Like a Hog staff project, volunteering to stock shelves and bag food for the Full Circle Campus Food Pantry.

As a result of the donation efforts made during Homecoming 2012, Bostick, electronic communications coordinator for the Arkansas Alumni Association, said staff at the Food Pantry stated that they have received more food than ever, and expect to have stocked shelves through the summer months.

Bowman, associate director of regional programs, stated, “The Full Circle Food Pantry serves the students, staff and faculty of the University of Arkansas family, so you know that your donation is making a VERY local impact.” Some of the most needed items include: canned chicken, canned tuna, peanut butter, jelly, crackers, cereal, canned fruit, soup, pasta and macaroni & cheese.

To donate items to the Full Circle Campus Food Pantry,  contact or learn more at