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Learning Through Teaching Others

Written By: Claire Trieschmann   As my Freshman year comes to a close, I can’t help but look back and reflect on the highlights of my first semester of college. Though there are many positives, a volunteer service in particular comes to mind. As a member of my sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma, we are given the opportunity to volunteer at and work alongside the students of Washington Elementary School. Due to the fact that our philanthropy is “Reading is Key,” we are given a chance to not only help students learn to read and improve their education as a...

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The Beginning of a Chapter

Written by: Catherine Nettle Just over one month ago, thousands of freshman students swarmed the campus at the University of Arkansas during move in week. As families unloaded cars and bid their children farewell, often with a few tears, students began an experience foreign to nearly all of them. Many moved into a dorm room, most commonly shared with another student. As suitcases were unpacked, pictures were hung of fond memories and places, and desks were organized, a feeling of uncertainty and excitement filled the hearts and stomachs of these freshman. If you were anything like me, as soon as...

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A New World

Written by Hannah Stolt Preparing for college was not what I expected. I thought it would be easy! Just pack my things up and move right in. To my dismay, I was very wrong. All my friends had move in dates before I did, so I watched them pack up their things little by little as they prepared to move all over the country. They seemed so prepared! I did not share that feeling. I did not feel as though I was ready to leave home, even though I was only moving 45 minutes away. I just didn’t have the...

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Changing my Plans

Written by Lizzie Reimer When I began my education at the University of Arkansas, I was a declared double major in Theater and Psychology. My first semester was such a whirlwind! It went so much faster than I ever could have expected, but I loved every minute of it! I was involved in several theater productions at the University, and joined Sigma Phi Lambda, the Christian sorority here on campus, in addition to taking 16 credit hours! I was busy, but I would say that it was all worth it, and overall, it was a fantastic first semester. Unfortunately, I...

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Hope in the Mountains

Written by: Abbygail Middleton “Honduras”- signifying a valley or depth seen. It was named by a colonial settler, Christopher Columbus, as he first saw this land in his pursuit of America. Though termed initially for the deep water seen off of the coast, this name grew of greater significance to Columbus as he related it to the depths of struggle he faced in his faith journey and personal joy while colonizing territories. As I sat and listened to one of the local Honduran men explain this truth of his homeland to me, it hit me how apparent and true...

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