Pride of Arkansas Tour

Thank you to all alumni who attended the Pride of Arkansas Tour event at The Rogers House in Little Rock on February. The event was one of 45 stops around the state and region in an effort to further the Association's outreach and connect with more members of the University of Arkansas family residing in areas with dense populations of alumni.

Alumni Share Favorite Campus Memories During 2010 Pride of Arkansas ...

University of Arkansas graduates representing the 1950s through the 1990s and the father of a world champion duck caller who's soon to be a Razorback were among the people we met in Stuttgart and Pine Bluff. We even met one alumnus who remembers when parking on campus was not a problem.

Alumni Learn About What's Happening on Campus Today

The fourth and final week of the 2010 Pride of Arkansas Tour kicked off in Fort Smith and continued to central Arkansas with stops in Little Rock and North Little Rock. We quickly discovered that alumni love to talk about their fondest memories as a student at the University of Arkansas, whether it playing sports or attending games, meeting new friends or getting to know future spouses.

Alumni Fondly Remember Meeting Spouses and Lifelong Friends at the ...

Stops in El Dorado, Lake Village and Monticello wrapped up the southern route of the Pride of Arkansas Tour. It was a full week of alumni sharing stories about their time on the University of Arkansas campus and the people they met there.

Alumni Share Stories from The Hill during Pride of Arkansas ...

As the out-of-state leg of the third week of the 2010 Pride of Arkansas Tour wrapped up in Tulsa, Okla., the in-state staff team continues their travels in southern Arkansas. No matter where we go, though, we are meeting many alumni who are proudly passing on the family legacy of receiving a diploma from the University of Arkansas to their children.

University of Arkansas Students Carry on the Razorback Family Tradition

The third week of the 2010 Pride of Arkansas Tour kicked off with a reception in Siloam Springs and then headed to the southern part of the state and into the Fort Worth, Texas, metroplex. Alumni and friends of all eras are joining us for luncheons and receptions. They are reliving their college days and sharing stories about meeting their spouses, their days as a Razorback cheerleader and their pride for the University of Arkansas.

Alumni of All Ages Share Their Favorite Memories of the ...

One interesting part of these events is the connection residents are making not only with the University and the Alumni Association but with each other. Now when they see each other around town, they know they share a common bond of being a Razorback.

We all Share a Common Bond of Being a Razorback

Our journey continues to bring us closer to our alumni and friends in Arkansas, Missouri, Texas and Tennessee. We are thankful that they have been there for the University as advocates, helping to strengthen the University of Arkansas family. Their efforts in recruiting students, improving student life on campus and providing opportunities for alumni to re-connect with each other no matter where they live; continue to be the foundation of the Arkansas Alumni Association.

Alumni and Friends Continue to Strengthen the University of Arkansas

We are really enjoying reconnecting and sharing stories with alumni and friends about the University of Arkansas as our Pride of Arkansas Tour continues. The stories shared by alumni and friends are amazing but even more so is that people are remembering us; even though we might not have seen them in person for about a year now. We are really glad to have made these lifelong connections and look forward to making even more.

Connections Made on Campus Stay with us for a Lifetime

Amidst the freezing temperatures and blowing snow, University of Arkansas alumni and friends braved the weather to gather with friends and family as we ventured onward through Kansas City & Memphis.

Pride of Arkansas Tour Treks through Winter Wonderlands

As the Texas leg of the Pride of Arkansas Tour wound down in Houston on Feb. 4, the northern Arkansas part of the journey continued in Newport and Batesville. A bit of wintry weather didn’t stop multiple generations of alumni from sharing their tradition of attending the University of Arkansas. Scholarships were a common conversation piece as the Independence County Chapter is close to endowing a scholarship, something the Houston Chapter has been fortunate enough to have done for several years.

Generations of Alumni Attend Pride of Arkansas Tour

As the Pride of Arkansas Tour drove through the winter wonderland that is between Harrison and Mountain Home with its opaque morning skyline, rocky grags and abundant wildlife, the true beauty of the state of Arkansas was realized. From the hilltop of Mountain Home to the Delta of Jonesboro to San Antonio, Texas, with each passing mile our excitement for the Pride of Arkansas Tour increases.

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