Our journey continues to bring us closer to our alumni and friends in Arkansas, Missouri, Texas and Tennessee. We are thankful that they have been there for the University as advocates, helping to strengthen the University of Arkansas family. Their efforts in recruiting students, improving student life on campus and providing opportunities for alumni to re-connect with each other no matter where they live; continue to be the foundation of the Arkansas Alumni Association.

Benton, Arkansas
Through the eyes of Tammy Tucker, Director of Communications for the Arkansas Alumni Association

We enjoyed our lunch in Benton with a group of alumni who were interested in learning all they could about what’s happening on the University of Arkansas campus nowadays. They wanted to know about new buildings on campus, why there’s a need for a basketball practice facility, the current cost of tuition and current admissions standards.

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Daniel and Sarah Yoakum told us they go to Fayetteville somewhat often to visit their son who is a coach at Fayetteville High School. Dan is also secretary/treasurer of the local Razorback Club and was excited about head football coach Bobby Petrino coming to speak to the club soon.

Lonoke, Arkansas
Through the eyes of Tammy Tucker, Director of Communications for the Arkansas Alumni Association

Last year, we met Ryan and Natalie Biles in Lonoke during the first Pride of Arkansas Tour. Since then, we have gotten them more involved in the Alumni Association as they both serve on the Young Alumni Board. They recently expanded their family when they welcomed their baby, Graham, just two weeks ago. He is by far one of the youngest Razorbacks to attend our events!

This year, we met some new alumni in Lonoke.  David and Jennie Gates, also recent graduates, shared how they met in college and then David moved his new wife, a Fayetteville native, to his hometown of Cabot, where they own Gates Electric.

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Howard Martin, an attorney in Cabot, told us an interesting tidbit about his family. He graduated from the university in 1971, the same year as his sister and mother. His wife Judy, who works in the state Legislature, is also a Razorback.

James Nix said he has one grandchild already attending the University of Arkansas, and he’s working on getting his granddaughter to follow her brother.

Springfield, Missouri
Through the eyes of Debbie Blume, Executive Assistant for the Arkansas Alumni Association

At Springfield, Missouri’s Gilardi’s Restaurant, the room was filled with multitudes of smiles and lots of laughter as alumni and friends warmly greeted each other and gathered to see the video “The Razorback Family: Generations”.

Alumni and friends ranging with degrees from 1952 to 2007 gathered to hear about University of Arkansas news.  Past President of the National Arkansas Alumni Board, Jeff Johnson ’70 and his wife Marcia were also amongst the participants.  Executive Director Mike Macechko was pleased to share with everyone that the inaugural Johnson Fellows was awarded this past fall as a result of Jeff and Marcia’s most generous gift.  The program endowment is designed to bring esteemed alumni back to the University of Arkansas campus to engage and inspire students.

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The staff had so much fun hearing alumni reminisce about their student experiences and everyone’s life adventures.  David Yancey ’69 and Euel Campbell ’59, who are spearheading an effort to revitalize and re-charter the Springfield Alumni Chapter encouraged those present to help.  Doug Healy ’00, Kevin Waruszewski ’05, and Julia Tew, ’00, young alumni, eagerly committed their participation.

The Springfield Arkansas Alumni Chapter revitalization is quickly becoming a reality!

Come Share Your Stories With Us!

Do you have a story or campus memory you’d like to share with us and fellow alumni? Make plans to join us at one of our next Pride of Arkansas Tour Stops near you today or share your own story in the comments below if you live in one of the areas we have visited.