The third week of the 2010 Pride of Arkansas Tour kicked off with a reception in Siloam Springs and then headed to the southern part of the state and into the Fort Worth, Texas, metroplex. Alumni and friends of all eras are joining us for luncheons and receptions. They are reliving their college days and sharing stories about meeting their spouses, their days as a Razorback cheerleader and their pride for the University of Arkansas.

Siloam Springs, Arkansas
Through the eyes of Elizabeth Underwood, Associate Director of the Arkansas Alumni Association

Razorback fans gathered at Dawn Hill Country Club for the Pride of Arkansas Tour stop in Siloam Springs. We had several friends of the University of Arkansas, a spouse of an alumnus and many who attended the University of Arkansas. Some attendees graduated recently, and some remember a campus which has now been transformed. Art Morris met his wife at the University of Arkansas while she was living in the female dormitory, Carnall Hall, which is now the beautiful hotel and restaurant. Jerry Williams also met his wife, Christine, while they were both students at the university. Jerry was working on his graduate degree and Christine was assigned to assist his research in the entomology lab.

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David Allen, who is currently serving as the mayor of Siloam Springs, attended the university during the filming of the mini-series “The Blue and The Gray.” David recalled the filming of this movie, which brought back memories from most Razorbacks in the room as the production impacted their time in Fayetteville. Tommy Free, a 1965 graduate, attended the university with former Razorbacks football coach Ken Hatfield, who was his class president. Tommy remembers this because their names are listed together on Senior Walk. Many stories from Senior Walk were shared throughout the evening. What was most evident and unanimous from this diverse group was their pride for the University of Arkansas!

Hope, Arkansas
Through the eyes of Melissa Bowen, Assistant Director of the Arkansas Alumni Association

Alumni and friends joined us, along with Kellie Knight, Director of Development for the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food, and Life Sciences for the Pride of Arkansas Tour in Hope.

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Guests included Ned Purtle, former University of Arkansas Board of Trustees and current University of Arkansas Foundation Board member, and his wife, Carolyn Purtle ’59, Bonnie Routon, Clay Lance ’09 and Russell Burke ’89. They each shared their connections to the University of Arkansas.

Texarkana, Arkansas
Through the eyes of Melissa Bowen, Assistant Director of the Arkansas Alumni Association

We hosted alumni of all ages at Cattleman’s Steakhouse in Texarkana during the Pride of Arkansas Tour. Even with a small group, we had more than a 60-year span in graduation dates. From Jon Sheppard ’09, who was excited about getting involved, to Dr. James Duke ’53, who has been instrumental in the recruitment of students in Texarkana and the surrounding areas.

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This was a vibrant group of people whom we enjoyed sharing stories with, having dinner together and Calling the Hogs.

Fort Worth, Texas
Through the eyes of Anthony McAdoo, Senior Director of the Arkansas Alumni Association

Fort Worth is not a twin to Dallas and anyone here will gladly tell you that. That’s why during the Pride of Arkansas Tour, we make a special effort to host a site on the west side of the Metroplex for the 1,500 alumni who live west of Dallas. The folks here are friendly as well, and many of the staff and patrons in the Fort Worth Community Arts Center stopped to chat with us once they realized we were from Arkansas. Many of them had classmates from their high school who attended the University of Arkansas, knew some alumni and we actually met one alumna who was just in the center enjoying the art during the afternoon.

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Among the alumni from the area is Tom Malone, a local architect. Tom is a Fort Worth native who attended the University of Arkansas and spent some time hopping around Texas before returning to his roots and moving back home. He could not convince either of his children (now grown) to attend the university, and he will quickly point out that they did not study architecture either.

There is not a bigger cheerleader for the University than Ernestine Kohl. Ernestine came to the event with her old Razorback yearbooks to donate to the alumni association’s Underwood Library. She wanted to be sure they would continue to be useful for others. Ernestine has fond memories of Fayetteville and recalled her daughter’s recent secret trip to campus that she found out about when her daughter asked if she was the Ernestine Gipson listed on Senior Walk.

Come Share Your Stories With Us!

Do you have a story or campus memory you’d like to share with us and fellow alumni? Make plans to join us at one of our next Pride of Arkansas Tour Stops near you today or share your own story in the comments below if you live in one of the areas we have visited.