Thank you to all alumni who attended the Pride of Arkansas Tour event at The Rogers House in Little Rock on February. The event was one of 45 stops around the state and region in an effort to further the Association’s outreach and connect with more members of the University of Arkansas family residing in areas with dense populations of alumni.

In case you missed the Little Rock stop blog article on the Arkansas Alumni Association website, below are highlights from chapter board members who were asked about their fondest experiences at the University of Arkansas.

Stacie and John Holloway: John said Stacie was a pre-vet major. Her class went to the animal lab. They were castrating bulls that day. Stacie fainted and this was the day she changed her major to accounting.  Stacie said she lived in Fulbright Hall and John lived in Hotz Hall. They experienced the RVs parked prior to the Razorback game, and they were always excited about Razorback game day. “We had the best of everything,” Stacie said. “We were excited when we saw the alumni and friends parked in their RVs and hearing the Razorback Band practicing before the game. John and I can’t wait to fulfill one of our goals which is to one day have a parking spot in Lot 44.”

Marcus and Andrea Hopkins: Andrea said Marcus’ fondest memory was meeting her.

Marcus’ fondest memory was surveying the lawn in front of Old Main. He did this exercise for his survey class as a civil engineering major.

Dr. James and Judy Wear: James has three degrees. He received his master’s in one year and his PhD in three semesters.  James stated it is because of him the process for the length of time one receives a doctorate was changed to the current process it is now. He also stated he got his bachelor’s on a Saturday and married Judy the next day. Their son, Eric, is also a graduate of the University and a Rhodes Scholar.

Gus Farver: I met my lifetime friends at the University of Arkansas.

Ramona Collins: There are so many memories. I guess I would have to say camping out for tickets and seeing the final men’s basketball game played in Barnhill Area. We played LSU and I got to see Shaquille O’Neal. But we won 84-83!

Kasey Carolina: I met two of my lifelong friends in my Freshman Year Experience class. One of those friends and I are now sorority sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Dr. Carl Johnson: I had so many fond memories I can’t just pick one.

Amanda Richardson: My grandfather was the University of Arkansas physician from the ‘30s to the ’60s. The past health infirmary had Amanda’s grandfather name prior to the Pat Walker Health Center.

William “Bill” Martin: His fondest memory was being editor of the yearbook while he was a second-year law student. Most folks told him that was impossible to do, but he made it work. His next memory was being tackled by an All American from Rice University named Dickey Magel. Magel hit one of our football players out of bounds and he also hit Bill, who was taking photographs. Bill said he went down but he made sure he held his camera away from the ground so it would not be damaged. There is also a picture of this hit on the column in Razorback Stadium. It is the only picture from the 1954 game.

Bill has several pictures in circulation at the University. One of his pictures is in “The Razorback Family: Generations” video. The picture is shot outside of the Men’s Gym (next to Silas Hunt Hall) and it shows students standing in line waiting to register for classes.