hogs care pictureThe second annual #HogsCare week was kicked off by a flash mob on the top of the hill on Dickson Street. Throughout the week there were other random acts of kindness put on by various organizations on campus giving freebies to the students on campus. The Outdoor Connection Center gave out s’mores one day on campus. Dream B.I.G. followed with their event a Treat for a Treat, writing letters for girls from the Arkansas Delta and getting a cookie in return. On Thursday the Student Alumni Board passed out water in front of the Union and Friday IFC passed out donuts.

In total, 637 Twitter posts were made, 233 posts on Instagram, and 576 posts on Facebook. 1,446 total posts were made reaching an estimate of 128,873 people.  Posts were submitted from the U.S., China, Great Britain, Norway, France, Italy, South Africa, Cambodia, Venezuela, and Canada.

Throughout the week, students, faculty, and staff participated in #HogsCare week on their own, doing random acts of kindness for people and then tweeting about it using the hashtag #HogsCare. Go to www.hogscare.com to see more about the week and also to see the actual tweets from the week! Although the actual week is over, please continue to do random acts of kindness and share.