NathanName: Nathan Lee Hopper​
Position on the Board: President
What your position does for SAB: Conduct all meetings, liaison to all university executive boards, delegate all event planning
Year in School: Senior
Major: Finance-Investments
Dream Job/future plans (ex. Grad school):
I plan on attending grad school next fall here at the U of A in the Masters of Accountancy program. Afterwards I plan on becoming an external auditor of publicly traded companies.

Why did you join the Student Alumni Association?
My Mom actually signed me up my Freshman year because it was something that we could sign up, and be a part of a University organization as a family. The first three years on campus I really never knew what the Alumni Association did other than it was an important organization that can connect me to other graduates during and after college, I simply didn’t become involved. A good friend of mine, who was a GA for the Student Alumni Board during the spring of my junior year, encouraged me to apply for a position on the board. I was a bit hesitant but knew that I wanted to give back to my University in some way so I decided to go for it and it has been a huge blessing in my life.

What are three great things about SAA that many people might not know about?
1) There are constantly events around campus or at the Alumni Association that are free to students if they just choose to be involved
2) We are making some big changes to Membership perks this year so watch out for these updates!
3) We are here for students, not just alumni like our name might portray. Our goal is to be the connecting piece that links student programs to transfer into successful alumni who take a lot of pride our University. Our motto is “Students for now. Razorbacks forever.”

What else are you involved in on campus?
• Phi Delta Theata
• Alpha Kappa Psi- Professional Business Fraternity
• Finance Club

Advice about being involved in SAA:​
Watch for emails from the Alumni Association (they will be in the promotions tab of your gmail account(s)) and come by and see us on campus or stop by the Alumni Association we are always there and can always need help in some way or another. If you want to be involved we will always have a spot for you!

Upcoming Changes with the Student Alumni Association

• Sometime in the near future we will have a new Executive Director for the Alumni Association
• The Student Alumni Board has increased from 10 members to 28 members to better the student body’s needs with several different areas
• Watch out for changes and handouts coming to the SAA. We are in the midst of planning some incredible events for the next academic year
• Seniors, our graduation event is scheduled for May 8, 2014 and we are making it into a fun event that we would love for all graduates to attend. More on that will come!