Written by: Micah HuckabeeHuckabee_Micah

I was very excited when I decided to come to the University of Arkansas in the spring of my senior year. Fayetteville is a beautiful place to live, the University provides so many opportunities for its students, and most excitingly, the cross country and track and field program is one of the most successful in the entire country.

I had signed my letter of intent to be a part of this prestigious team, and I could not wait to set foot on campus as a student athlete. These past eight weeks on campus have been a dream. I have had the privilege of making some of my very best friends on the team, girls from all across the U.S. and abroad! I have had the privilege of running and working hard for a program that has a tradition of hard work and success. I have also had the privilege of eating like royalty in the new Jerry Jones Academic Success Center.

Being a student athlete is hard, though. I have learned that time management is absolutely essential to being successful in college. I have also learned to push through and make it to my night chemistry lab after a long day of classes and practice when all I want to do is lie in my dorm and watch Netflix. As a student athlete, being busy is a major part of the job description, but being busy has been surprisingly fun! I have learned to have fun in whatever I am doing, whether it’s being in class, eating in the dining hall, or going to the strength center for weights after a workout.

I have also met so many interesting people along the way. My sport has allowed for me to get know upperclassmen who are full of advice on how to succeed in college, and I have also been able to make friendships with a girl from Canada and another from Australia. It has been so fun comparing our colloquialisms and traditions. I am able to experience so many wonderful things as a student athlete, and I am very excited to see what these next four years will bring.