Written by Molli Slavin, “Roads” Scholar

Quinton Palmer

Quinton Palmer celebrates after the UAMS College of Medicine White Coat Ceremony with his proud mother, Jannetta Palmer.

Quinton Palmer, a former Membership Scholar at the University of Arkansas, recently updated the Alumni Association on the success that he has found continuing his education. When Quinton graduated as a Kinesiology major, cum laude, in December of 2012, he was looking forward to pursuing a career in medicine, his ultimate dream to become a physician. While attending the University of Arkansas, Quinton had the opportunity to engage in many community and extracurricular opportunities because of the Alumni Association’s involvement in assisting with the payment for his education.  Mr. Palmer said, in his 2012 thank you letter: “The most difficult challenge I have had to face each year has undoubtedly been paying for my education. For the past four years, I have spent my winter, summer, and spring breaks working around sixty-five hours a week… Thanks to your gift, my family and I have a much lighter load to carry. I can focus more on my grades and volunteering instead of having to work long hours.”

During his time at the University of Arkansas, Quinton enjoyed his time spent in organizations such as the Kinesiology Club, as well as working under former coach John Pelphrey as a student manager and scout team player. One of the ways that Quinton supplemented his education funds was by working with the Intramural and Recreation Department, officiating games. “I love sports; especially football and basketball,” said Palmer, proving that you can do the things you love and get paid for it. Quinton was also able to intern as a Research Lab Technician at UAMS and assist Dr. Sue Griffin with her research in Alzheimer’s disease pathogenesis.

Quinton updated the Alumni Association in August of 2013 in an email that included photos of his white coat ceremony, marking the beginning of his journey through medical school at UAMS. He took the time to thank us again, saying “I know two students who had to tackle their tuition cost primarily on their own as well and have struggled to get acceptances because of their grades from working many hours; that could have easily been me.” Mr. Palmer is enjoying medical school, and especially his gross anatomy course. He noted that working with cadavers was an eye opening experience and that over the course of a few weeks, he will have learned how to perform a history and a physical. We are very proud of Quinton and what he has accomplished, and especially proud to have been part of assisting this young man in obtaining his goals.