Winners of the 2012 Pig Sooie Scramble

The Northwest Arkansas Chapter of the Arkansas Alumni Association has been awarded the 2012 Board Cup by the Awards and Nominating Committee of the National Alumni Board of Directors.

The Board Cup is an annual award given to an alumni chapter for its outstanding work and achievements during the previous calendar year. The Northwest Arkansas Chapter received the award for numerous reasons—the most prominent being the success of the 2012 Pig Sooie Scramble fundraiser and increased amount of scholarships awarded to deserving students in the area.

Every year, the NWA chapter hosts the 18-hole golf tournament fundraiser with proceeds funding the scholarships awarded by the chapter each year.

In 2012, the chapter doubled the revenue from the previous year’s tournament, which enabled it to offer more scholarships at an increased amount. Scholarships funded by the tournament increased from six scholarships awarded at $1,000 to seven scholarships awarded at $1,500.

Additionally, six new board members were added to the chapter for the 2013 calendar year.

The award will be presented at the Volunteer Summit event on Sept. 13 at the Reynolds Center on the U of A campus. Recognition of the chapter’s achievements will be acknowledged on the Board Cup, and the chapter will receive a $500 stipend and pennant to be attached to the chapter’s banner.

The Board Cup will be housed in the Underwood Library at the Janelle Y. Hembree Alumni House.