jordanName: Jordan Sherrod

 Age: 31

 Hometown: Joplin, MO

 Where you live now: Fayetteville, AR

 Your major(s)/minor(s) at the U of A: Architecture – Business Minor

If you could go back, you would major in? Why?

Same, but with a business major in entrepreneurship or economics. I now run my own business. The added business knowledge would have been great. Business is also an essential foundation of any job in the workforce. Having business knowledge helps to ground employees to the reality of running a company. I also wouldn’t want to take away my degree in architecture. That degree really helped me think critically about how my business is structured and how each component works together. Architecture is also a lot of work. There is a lot of value in learning the lessons of hard work. As an employer, people willing to work hard are more valuable that people with a degree. Employees can be taught skills. I can’t teach them work ethic.

What you do for a living (work and fun):

I have a business providing social media, web, and point of sale solutions for retail businesses – specifically women’s boutique stores. Business is my hobby. I also enjoy politics. I am currently the director of NWA Fashion Week and putting together a few local political education events. I also just launched a collegiate apparel line called COED CO-OP.  

Something you wish you had done, that you didn’t, while you were in school:

I originally went to the U of A for track. I decided not to pursue athletics, but I wished I had. If I could go back I would have pursued student government.

One thing you were glad you did while you were at the U of A:

I got the chance to spend two of my summers building structures at Camp Aldersgate in Little Rock, which is a camp for children with disabilities and terminal illnesses. It was an incredibly rewarding experience. I recommend taking advantage of every opportunity that come up.

Advice you would offer students or new graduates:

Don’t be afraid to step out and get involved. College is a time when you can challenge yourself in a safe environment. You’ll never know what you are capable of if you don’t put yourself out there.