mo_elliottA true outdoorsman and native of Dallas, TX, Mo Elliott moved to Fayetteville to attend the University of Arkansas and pursue a degree in management from the Sam M. Walton College of Business. Little did he know that with the help of his professors in the entrepreneurial program, and with a catchy nickname for Fayetteville, his pursuit to create a brand for outdoor sports would become a reality with his company, Fayettechill Clothing Co.

“In 2009, during the summertime, a buddy of mine who I was visiting in Dallas asked when I was going back to Fayettechill? That was the nickname he had for Fayetteville and it stuck. I liked it and told him I would use that one day,” he said.

A student on the U of A campus, Elliott realized that “there wasn’t a brand that represented the outdoor sports community.” Looking to remedy that problem, he began formulating ideas and plans for a brand that would represent Fayetteville and the larger Ozark region, he said. Since mountains and rivers make up much of the region, the area presented Elliott with an opportunity to capitalize on a market that has been untouched by many, yet, presents intrigue to those who have a passion for outdoor activities.

At 24 years old, he enjoys everything from mountain biking to fly fishing to climbing, and has built a business centered on apparel for outdoor enthusiasts. Admitting that the Ozarks provide the ideal setting for a business such as Fayettechill to thrive, it was all due in part to an entrepreneurial program that the idea came to fruition.

“Connections from the business school really helped propel this project. I still keep up with all my professors from the entrepreneurial program. Mark Zweig and Jeff Amerine helped develop the company,” he said.

Starting the company online, Elliott’s brand went on to be featured in Walker Brothers and Lewis and Clark. Now that the company has grown in notoriety and staff, in August 2012, he opened his own storefront in Fayetteville on West Street. “Right now, we really focus on this area, but we’re expanding into more retailers in the region,” he added.

In an effort to expand the brand and reach out to local organizations in the area, Elliott and his staff have worked with the Buffalo River Foundation, Arkansas Climbers Coalition, Trout Unlimited, Ozark Outdoor Cyclists and ForgottenSong.

Looking to branch out beyond clothing apparel, Elliott admits, “We’re working on developing what’s beyond the clothing company. We are trying to develop the outdoor area.”