dallas_chapter_boardThe Dallas Chapter Board, under the leadership of President Todd Green, is embarking on a strategic planning process that will outline a vision for what the largest out-of-state chapter for the Arkansas Alumni Association will become.  This ambitious undertaking is designed to maximize the experience for alumni and friends of the University of Arkansas in the Dallas area.

The Dallas Chapter was named the recipient of the 2007 Board Cup for Chapter Excellence by the Arkansas Alumni Association Board of Directors.  The recipient is a chapter that produces excellence in chapter programming, services, and support while striving to best serve all alumni and friends of the university in their local community.  While the chapter is obviously on the top of its game, this planning process is a great opportunity to keep moving forward as a progressive and cutting-edge alumni chapter.

Key Facts about the Dallas Chapter:

  • 3,497 Alumni
  • 841 Members of the Association
  • 19.45% of alumni are graduates of the last 10 years.
  • 28.14% of alumni are graduates from Walton College

The two Arkansas-based chapters which are larger than Dallas, Northwest Arkansas and Capital (Little Rock), have already embarked on similar projects and are beginning to reap the results.   Key observations from these sessions are identify what services the chapter wants to be known for by alumni and pairing them with the needed tools and services to achieve their vision.  The Northwest Arkansas Chapter, the largest with a base of 22,000, found that they needed to vastly improve their volunteer resources including a massive expansion of their board.

Share your thoughts and observations with the leadership of the Dallas Chapter as they conduct this planning session to better serve you.