Written by: James RapertMacechko Rapert_Jase

It is way past my first week of school, but I figured it would be helpful for myself to take a look back on the last semester. I’ve learned a lot of things while on campus, some of which was actually in the classroom, but for the most part I learned about managing time and prioritizing and how to not over engage myself. Throughout the semester I have engaged myself on campus a lot. At some point in the semester I have been vice president of Leadership for New Greek Council, member of FRESH hogs, on Dean’s Student Advisory Board,  President of my pledge class, in Leadership Walton, and in 17 hours of classes. Sadly I am not in all of that now, I learned that if I stretch myself too far that I begin to slack in all of them. It took me making the mistake to realize it, but I could not handle being pulled in so many directions. I managed to dig myself a hole from the beginning that I struggled to dig myself out of throughout the semester. I was able to make the grades that I needed, but they are not at all where I want them. This next semester I know now what I need to do to succeed. Or at least I know what not to do and what things to avoid. I am now working a job, but the consistency of it, I think, will work to my favor by adding structure to my day and giving me things to do when I would otherwise be wasting time. I am going to make sure I prioritize and keep my school work above any other activities that I want to do. Once I get my grades under control I can start to get more involved with things I want to again. The first semester I went way over my limit of what I could handle, but I am glad it happened because I know where those limits are now and can keep myself within those in future semesters and in my time past school.