Padma Mana

J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences, B.S. in Biochemistry
Rogers, Arkansas

Parents: Govind and Vani Mana

Mentor: Dr. Paul Adams

  • Bodenhamer Fellow
  • National Merit Scholar
  • Dean’s List
  • Chancellor’s List
  • Honor College Ambassador
  • Student Representative, Honors College Dean Search Committee
  • Undergraduate Research in Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Secretary, Eta Sigma Phi Society at the University of Arkansas
  • Historian, Alpha Chi Sigma – Alpha Chi Chapter
  • Study Abroad trips to Ghana & Tanzania; Service Abroad to Belize
  • Chinmaya Yuva Kendra West Steering Committee Member

Through challenging and thought-provoking coursework, Padma Mana says she has learned the value of hard work and discipline. Her dedicated professors have shown her that building a satisfying and happy career comes from cultivating a vocation out of a passion. In addition, the Honors College student has learned that service is a key to happiness.

Next fall, she will attend medical school to become a physician with a goal to serve in a developing area of the world, specifically providing care to underprivileged women and children. Her studies in biochemistry have prepared her for a more intense study of medicine and minoring in the social sciences has added a humanistic perspective to the methodical, systematic science degree.

Serving on leadership positions in various registered student organizations like Eta Sigma Phi, Alpha Chi Sigma and the Hindu Students Association has taught her more about herself as a person and more about humanity at large. Studying abroad in Tanzania, Ghana and Belize has only enhanced this outlook as she manually labored to help lay the foundation of a water tower for a village in the countryside in Belize, and in Ghana, she traveled along the historical route of part of the West African Slave Trade. In Tanzania, she found the part of herself that loves the natural splendors of the world.