Arkansas Alumni Association’s Membership Appreciation Day is October 11, 2014! Saturday, we will celebrate the life Member-Appreciation-Day-for-Blogblood of our organization: OUR MEMBERS! Anyone who is a member or joins the Alumni Association at our Hog Wild Tailgate on Saturday will receive a special gift as a small token of our thanks for membership support. Membership funds a large portion of the Association’s operating budget and fully funds the Membership Scholarship, which to date, has contributed to more than 100 upperclassman scholarships since 2009. We hope every member in-town on Saturday has a chance to come to our Hog Wild Tailgate and stop by to let us say ‘THANK YOU!’

Not a member? It’s never too late to join, and there is no better way to keep your YOU of A connection than being a dues-paying member of the Arkansas Alumni Association. There are many reasons to join the Association, and the best part is, anyone can! Perhaps the biggest reason to join is to make an impact. We know membership contributes to student education through scholarship funding, but did you know that contribution is also considered an annual gift to the University? Alumni participation through giving is a known factor in University rankings. More Alumni support increases the value of every University of Arkansas degree.

Not only does membership give-back but it also provides access to more than 80 money-saving perks, including ARKANSAS quarterly magazine. With all of these great reasons, sometimes it is just the satisfaction of putting their alumni ‘MEMBER’ decal on their car that drives alumni and friends of the University to renew year after year. Just this weekend we got a few emails from members who have purchased new cars. Their first point of business was to request a new MEMBER decal, to transfer their Hog Tag and to make sure they continue to support the YOU of A with pride! We love that support and hearing about all of the ways our loyal alumni and friends share their passion for the University of Arkansas!

It’s a great time to become a member! Check the status box in the right-hand column of this email and make sure your membership is active to continue to get and give all of the great things that come from joining.

It’s true what they say ‘You’re only a student for a short time. You’re a graduate forever.’

Your Connection Starts Here,

Carolyn Baltz ‘03

A+ Life Member