The Black Alumni Society held their fall board meeting on October 22, 2011.

Meeting called to order at 10:15.

Members present: Dr. Bobby Jones, Emanuel Banks, Earl Hill, Synetra Gilmer, John L Colbert,  Linda Bedford Jackson,  Joey and Kabrina Gardner, Angela Mosley Monts, Gigi Secuban, Cedric Williams, Ebony Oliver Wyatt and Gus Farver

Minutes were dispersed and motion was made by Colbert to accept the minutes, seconded by Gilmer. Motion passed

Opening comments were made by Dr. Jones.

Introductions and greetings were given by present members.

Mosley Monts gave the UA, AAA, BAS Updates which included Dr. Charles Robinson’s report and newsletter. She also gave the membership report and announced that we have 17 scholars and $5000 in the foundation fund.

K. Gardner gave the BAS E-Zine and Giving Circle report. Gardner put out a challenge to the board to mentor a BAS scholar. We discussed putting an insert in Arkansas Magazine on the Alumni Giving Circle page to generate some excitement. A suggestion was also made for BAS Scholars to inquire about becoming a registered student organization.

Gardner announced Shades of Ebony event is Nov. 17. This is a Black Student Association event sponsored by BAS. All alumni and friends are welcome to attend.

Colbert presented the African-American and Community Center. BAS and the NWA Legacy Committee would like to start a state-of-the-art center on campus for African-American students that will have an entertainment area, student center and lecture hall. The board endorsed having Mosley Monts move forward with discussions around funding, partnerships, etc for the center. Donations required: $3 million required for the facility and $1 million is the goal for scholarships.

Dr. Gigi Secuban gave the College of Engineering update.  The 4 year graduation rate is 48% for students of color. She talked about the Arkansas Engineering Magazine and successes of the college.

Ebony Oliver Wyatt and Gilmer opened the discussion on the 2013 BAS Reunion.

Theme: Think Back, Look Back, Come Back, Give Back

The goal is to send out an official survey to attendees to get feedback on what worked and what didn’t work. Mosley Monts and K. Gardner will take questions and suggestions for the survey until Tuesday of next week.

Colbert moved to have reunion the third weekend in April 2013, Wyatt seconded motion passed. Board voted to have the reunion April 18-21 of 2013. The venue must be booked by February 2012. This year we will implement a payment plan for registration.

Cost of Registration was discussed. $15 profit on each registration in 2011 (this went to the BAS Challenge Scholarship). Oliver and Gilmer will look at fees over the past three reunions and make recommendations to the board on price and packages.  Registration was low for the 2011 reunion, the goal is to get our numbers up and more alumni returning to campus.  There was a suggestion for improvement to the registration website.

Location has not been finalized: Fayetteville vs. Springdale. Wyatt and Gilmer agreed to look into costs for each location and report back to the board.

Step show location dependent upon reunion location. Bedford Jackson suggested this event be advertised as a national event.

We will forego the cookout  and move the reception back to Friday night with the banquet on Saturday night.  The gospel concert will also take place on Friday night and at a partnering church.

A student event will be held Thursday night and additional opportunities will be created for classroom time on Friday.

Monica Jones and Dr. Erica Holiday will  head up our registration team.

We will also scale down the awards for the banquet. Wyatt suggested making the event a more formal and premier event in the NWA area.

We need to work smarter and utilize our resources on the corporate and academic sponsorships. Wyatt and Gilmer will identify potential members for the sponsorship committee that will focus soley on securing donations.  The sponsorship letter needs to go out this fall.

Banks volunteered to sponsor the childcare for the 2013 reunion. Dr. Gigi will provide an estimated budget.

Gus Farver and Oliver Sims will remain in charge of the Golf Tournament.

Board recommended a Sunday Church event  be added.

Bedford Jackson volunteered to serve on the registration committee.

Gilmer will work to identify a volunteer coordinator.

New Business

Gilmer pitched the idea for a Spring 2012 Step Show to generate funds for the scholarship. BAS Back To “The Hill” Classic for undergrad Greeks. Hill moved to have the Annual BAS Back To “The Hill” Classic, Dr. Secuban seconded. Hill made an addendum to his motion to replace annual with 1st. Dr. Secuban accepted. Motion passed.

We discussed the BAS Giving Circle Donor Reception.

Wyatt suggested we look into company match for the Giving Circle.

Hill volunteered to be communications chair and Dr. Secuban was appointed by Bobby to replace Dee Dee Brown-Campbell. Motions passed to accept both individuals. Meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Synetra Gilmer

BAS Secretary