Social Media Pic1In this day and age, staying connected and involved tends to take the back seat to work, family and friends.  Even though you miss that feeling of hiking to class as fall leaves crunch under your feet, or waking up late for May finals in your non-air conditioned dorm room, you just can’t find time to make it back to campus as often as you like. If only there was a way to hear the stories, share your stories and see what the students are doing today. Of course there is – get connected with Arkansas Alumni social media.

Let’s face it, a large majority are reading this story on either a phone or tablet. We want to bring the campus to you via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Instagram, YouTube and even Pinterest. After all, how and where do you spend your spare time these days, waiting for that appointment, during commercial breaks while watching television, or any free minute from the time you wake-up to the time you go to bed?  Social media has become a part of us and something most of us are very connected, and in some ways, addicted to. Why not use that digital urge to stay connected to your Alma mater?

Arkansas Alumni Association social media is dedicated to bringing you announcements about what is going on and linking you to the information of your choosing. Get quick links to stories and instant access to event information and registration through our Twitter feed. Search and post jobs on our LinkedIn page while chatting with Career Hogs. See the face of the You of A with YouTube, Flickr and Instagram feeds. Decorate your office with hundreds of Razorback crafts, find the perfect gift for that special Hog fan or make Pig Sooie tailgating snacks from our Pinterest page.  Or, see it all in one place through our Facebook page along with contests and regular membership VIPerks updates.

The goal of social media is to bring the campus to you. In 2013, we plan to increase all of our social media feeds through increased content and participation. Our LinkedIn page will have regular posts for networking opportunities, job posts and updates from Career Hogs. Pinterest and Instagram feeds will include regular pins and posts. Additionally, we plan to include regular video for YouTube and Facebook to give you a window to various alumni and campus events, including Homecoming and Hog Wild Tailgates.

If you aren’t already connected to the Arkansas Alumni Association social media feeds, we highly encourage you to do so. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Pin us on Pinterest.  Join your fellow Razorbacks online and tell us what you have been up to as we show you what’s going on at the You of A.