Pictured are: Angela Monts, Melissa Bowen, Catherine Baltz, Michelle Bell, Chris Wallen, Robin January, Mike Macechko, Phillip Gahagans, Tammy Tucker, Debbie Abbott, Nicole Allbritton, Anthony McAdoo, Terri Dover, Mark Long, Teresa Spencer, Laurel Draudt, Brendan Curington and Carolyn Baltz. Not pictured are Beverly Norman, Paul Prewitt, Debbie Blume and Heath Bowman.

With 100 percent membership, the Arkansas Alumni Association staff is certifiably Whole Hog. The staff challenges your group, whether it’s your book club, business, department or tailgate group, just to name a few ideas, to all become members of the Arkansas Alumni Association. Whole Hog groups receive a certificate along with having their photo published in Arkansas magazine and their group name and photo listed on the Alumni Association website.

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