At first glance, this bearded fellow with a gold watch, black polo shirt and statement black and gold loafers gives off a nonchalant and easy-going vibe. Start talking to him and you’ll realize while his demeanor appears relaxed, he is actually a very determined and confident young man.

Eric JonesEric Jones is a believer. John Lennon would definitely call him that. Jones believes in himself, in his ideas, in celebrating the winning times in times of hardship, in the goodness of people and his ability to inspire and bring positive change. It’s this zeal that drove this first generation University of Arkansas graduate to become the owner and CEO of luxury line Like Father Like Son (LFLS) Shoes as well as a branding expert and personal stylist at The Doctor Dapper. He started both ventures while he was still in school.

Unfortunately, the young entrepreneur lost his grandmother and both his parents before he graduated from college. His start-up also suffered major losses in terms of mentorship, financing and even order and delivery mishaps (his first order arrived 3 months late and Jones ended up throwing away 60/150 pairs of shoes due to substandard quality). However, this University of Arkansas Alum channeled his pain and poured all his passion into developing a luxury shoe line for men and women. These shoes – that are designed in the United States and handcrafted in Brazil – inevitably tell the tale of Jones’ fortitude and perseverance.

From seeing his mother struggle to make ends meet to living on food stamps, Jones understands what it is to have very little. He wishes to give back to society, particularly to those who come from a background that is similar to his. In July 2019, Jones moved to California on the recommendation of his mentor, Malcolm ‘M.J.’ Harris, to connect with his target demographic. This journey – from Helena, Arkansas to North Hollywood, California – is one that is ripe with struggle, hardship, but also with passion and purpose.

In the near future, Jones wishes to have a scholarship at the University of Arkansas in his name for struggling students who want to make a mark in the world.