ben blakemanName: Ben Blakeman

Age: 28

Hometown: Rogers, AR

Where you live now: Rogers, AR

Your major(s)/minor(s) at the U of A:  journalism (advertising/public relations) general business minor

If you could go back, you would major in? Why?  Same.  I use my Ad/PR knowledge everyday.

What you do for a living (work and fun):  My family has a retail  jewelry store in Rogers.  I joined the company just over three years ago and it  is so much fun coming to work with my  family each day. When not at work, I like to  play golf and travel with my wife.

Something you wish you had done, that you didn’t, while you were in school:  Take ballroom dance and more foreign language classes.

One thing you were glad you did while you were at the U of A:  Joined Kappa Sigma Fraternity

Advice you would offer students or new graduates: Send your resume everywhere and travel somewhere out of your comfort zone.