Since its launch on August 2nd, over 364 alumni members have logged in and checked out the new Razorback CareerLink.  These members have been among the first to use the simple user interface to post resumes and begin searching for new career opportunities.  For those members who have not yet logged in, here are some tips for accessing and using Razorback CareerLink.

Getting Registered

Access to Razorback CareerLink is a benefit of membership in the Arkansas Alumni Association.  If you are not a current member, you are invited to join the Association today to get immediate access.  You can join online or by calling the Association at 1-888-275-2586.  When joining, please note that you would like immediate access to Razorback CareerLink.

If you are a current U of A student, you should use your current U of A username and password (the one you use for e-mail and computing access).  For alumni members who are not currently enrolled in U of A classes, they access the system using their preferred e-mail and a unique password for the system. To get activated in the system and to receive a welcome message to help you get started, just fill out this online form or e-mail with your name and e-mail address.  A message from the system will be sent once you are activated.

Changing Password

If you are not a current student, your initial password in Razorback CareerLink will be a system generated password.  To create a more memorable password, you will need to visit the Profile menu option at the top and choose the Password/Preferences tab.


Users are encouraged to upload a resume to their profile.  This will allow you to easily apply for positions through Razorback CareerLink and to also make your resume available for employers to review. You will have the opportunity to submit your resume to ‘resume books’ that companies and organizations can review to match alumni with opportunities for which they are recruiting.   You can upload multiple resumes to use the one that is most appropriate as you apply for a position or submit for inclusion in a resume book.

Looking for Career Opportunities

To find new career opportunities, visit the Jobs/Internships menu option at the top.  For jobs that are posted specifically for University of Arkansas students and/or alumni, you will choose the “Posted by My Career Center” option.  Using the menu options, users can customize their search.  Users can also set up a search agent and receive e-mail notifications when jobs meeting their specifications are posted to the system.  If users would like to increase their opportunities, they can select the “Extended Online Job Search Resources” option from the Jobs/Internships menu. This will allow users to search for national listings by keyword or location from the NACELink Network.  The NACELink Network is comprised of over 900 college campuses and allows national employers to post job opportunities at this level.

Apply for Positions

Once users locate a position in which they would like to apply, they should follow the on-screen instructions on each job posting.  These application instructions are important as employers may be accepting resumes through the system or which for you to follow another application method (such as e-mailing your resume and cover letter or completing an application proceses with their national office.

Getting Help

Throughout Razorback CareerLink, there is help for most screens and it can be located with the question mark icon.  Some screens even have video tutorials (look for the video “play” button) to help you understand the function of the system. If you are having technical difficulties using the system, please contact and indicate the nature of your problem and a convenient phone number at which you can be reached.