I am very honored and blessed to hear that I am a recipient of the Phoebe Todd Harris & Anne Harris LaRew Alumbas-larew-okolo_peter100pxni Scholarship worth $1,000 per year.  With this scholarship, I am certain that I will be a part of an academically enriched institution.  Knowing that you understand the financial struggle to put four kids in college simultaneously helps out my family greatly.  I am writing in order to praise you for your support towards my college education.

I come from a well-respected and disciplined family, being the only boy out of my siblings.  As stated in my application, I truly am a chief of my family village in Nigeria.  During my high school years, I was a reputable person, developing relationships with students and faculty members to enhance my high school experiences in addition to my involvement with the pioneer marching band, student council, beta club, track and field, basketball, pioneers in action and quiz bowl.  I decided to choose the U of A due to its academic success, student diversity, entertaining athletics and amplifying pride for the state of Arkansas.

For starters, I definitely wish to graduate from one of the best universities in the nation.  I also wish to graduate with honors and become very involved with the students and faculty member just like I was in high school.  As for this moment, I am undecided on my major, but I do have thoughts of majoring in physics, philosophy, or maybe even kinesiology.  I will be a part of the Razorback Marching Band and I would love to participate in the Black Alumni Society.  If I have time aside from band, studying and other organizations, I will take part in intramural sports, particularly flag football and possibly volleyball.

With the Phoebe Todd Harris & Anne Harris LaRew Alumni Scholarship, I can exemplify all the hard work, dedication, prayers and beliefs that I put in this scholarship at the University of Arkansas.  My dreams of attending this institute are fully achieved by your will.  Your wonderful news not only had my family rejoicing, but your news also happened to be a miracle that saved my family financially.  I send my eternal gratitude to you all for understanding my situation and wanting to change my life educationally.


Omezikam Peter Okolo