The Arkansas Alumni Association family continues to grow. Assistant Director of Marketing, Kelly Bostick and her husband Tim welcomed their first child, Thomas Fox Bostick. In addition to baby Bostick, the Janelle Y. Hembree Alumni House has expanded its staff to include 12 student workers this spring semester.

Thomas-Fox-Bostick200pxName: Thomas Fox Bostick
Birth Date: Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015
Weight: 9 pounds
Length: 21.5 inches
Parents: Tim and Kelly Bostick



Brandon-Villarreal200pxMarketing Intern: Brandon Villarreal
Class Year: Senior
Major: Management, marketing and finance
Hometown: Katy, Texas
Fun Fact: He has the entire Spongebob aquarium set
Plans after Graduation: He plans to continue his education by attending law school in Texas. Working within the marketing realm throughout college has helped him gain great strides in his career development. He has been able to enhance the use of his real estate license as well as work with great organizations such as the Arkansas Alumni Association. He cannot wait to see what the world has to offer him!


Samantha-Harris200pxSenior Walk Intern: Samantha Harris
Class Year: Sophomore
Major: News Editorial
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Fun Fact: She volunteered in Thailand in summer 2014.
Plans after Graduation: She would like to have a career that included writing and traveling.

Diversity Intern:
Maya MerriweatherMaya-Merriweather200px
Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Pre-med, biology, Spanish minor
Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas
Fun Fact: She makes her own hair care products.
Plans after Graduation: She plans to attend medical school.

Scholarship Program Intern:
Maggie TirrellTirrell,-Margaret-200px
Class Year: Sophomore
Major: International business and French
Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Fun Fact: She has been studying French for 15 years.
Plans after Graduation: She would like to join the Peace Corps.


Social Media Intern: Denzel WashingtonDenzel-Washington200px
Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Marketing, information systems minor
Hometown: Eudora, Arkansas
Fun Fact: He is releasing a musical album, called “Battlefield,” on iTunes with a pre-order date of April 1, 2015.
Plans after Graduation: He would like to continue his education and get a master’s degree in marketing and an entertainment law degree.


Work Study:

Name: James StaytonJames-Stayton200px
Class Year: Senior
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Aurora, Colorado
Fun Fact: He is a certified scuba diver.
Plans after Graduation: He wants to attend law school.

Name: Accee MiltonAccee-Milton
Class Year: Junior
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Fun Fact: He likes to cook and sing, even though he says he sounds terrible.
Plans after Graduation: He would like to move to a big city and work for a software company.

Name: Aliyah PolnerAliyah-Polner200px
Class Year: Junior
Major: Kinesiology, marketing minor
Hometown: Albany, New York
Fun Fact: She loves to run, play the saxophone and drives a purple car, but not all at the same time.
Plans after Graduation: She would like to own a wellness center and invest in real estate.

Name: Taylor RobinsonTaylor-Robinson200px
Class Year: Junior
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas
Fun Fact: She played hand bells for nine years, receiving a scholarship for her talent.
Plans after Graduation: She would like to obtain a Master of Accounting degree and become a certified public accountant.

Name: Jared MayJared-May200px
Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Biology
Hometown: Batesville, Arkansas
Fun Fact: He attended Arkansas State University his freshman year, prior to transferring to the University of Arkansas.
Plans after Graduation: He would like to travel to Europe for a couple of weeks.

Name: Colton MillerColton-Miller200px
Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Carl Junction, Missouri
Fun Fact: He enjoys scuba diving and volunteering.
Plans after Graduation: He isn’t sure where life will take him in the coming years, but he wants to continue living his life to the fullest and help others to the best of his knowledge and ability and hopefully someday leave a mark on society.

Name: Eric Siebenmorgen
Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Kinesiology
Hometown: Subiaco, Arkansas
Fun Fact: He likes the green and orange sour gummy worms the most.
Plans after Graduation: He wants to become a physical therapist assistant.