marcus_hopkinsEntering the University of Arkansas in 2003, it was the College of Engineering’s remarkable reputation that caught Marcus Hopkins’ eye in deciding where he wanted to go to school. He knew he could get a degree in civil engineering that would be well-respected by future employers, and it was through this degree choice that he began to get involved.

Within the American Society of Civil Engineers chapter at the University of Arkansas, Hopkins served as student representative, events chairman, recruiter and captain for the concrete and steel bridge competition. Taking advantage of every opportunity, he even traveled to India with the College of Engineering’s study abroad program.

When asked what his crowning achievement was throughout his academic career, Hopkins remembers when he won for creating the furthest flying concrete Frisbee in the concrete Frisbee competition, a project for the civil engineering concrete design course. Students competed to design and create the concrete Frisbee that flew the furthest, was the lightest and looked the best. Hopkins said “it was a great accomplishment for me because I didn’t beat the other students when it came to test taking and homework.” He also credits great professors such as Dr. Findley Edwards and Jack Buffington within the College of Engineering for helping him get where he is today.

Currently, Hopkins works as a project manager for AFCO Steel in Little Rock and is a member of the Arkansas Alumni Association. He serves as the current president of the Civil Engineering Alumni Society, which helps him stay connected to the Civil Engineering Department, students and former peers. He credits the University of Arkansas alumni for making the university such a strong competitive school and he encourages everyone to get involved. Hopkins said “even the smallest amount of time is appreciated.”