Written by: Ben PetersonPeterson

My name is Ben Peterson from Lee’s Summit, MO. College can be overwhelming, and it is very easy to get on the wrong path while trying to find your true identity. If there’s one in college that I have learned outside of the classroom it is to get involved. Getting involved with a wide variety of clubs, teams, and different people can only help guide you through the rest of your college career. When I came to college, I knew that I wanted to be a part of something greater than myself so I joined a fraternity. I was always skeptical about joining a fraternity because of the way they are harshly portrayed in the media. However, throughout the first semester, I have made so many close friends that I didn’t think I would ever have coming to a brand new school in a totally different state. The thing I like the most about my fraternity is that there are so many different types of personalities, which allows me to be friends with everyone. Being an engineering major, it is sometimes hard to balance school and fraternity activities, but with the help of study hours, it is all possible. I am also involved in Student Mobilization or StuMo here on campus which is a Christian based organization that talks about college related topics. I have met a lot of great people in StuMo, and it even allowed me the opportunity to go to Oklahoma City over break with a bunch of my friends for a conference. It is important to feel comfortable with the people that surround you. Being a college student is great, but it can be hard if you do not have the right people to hang out with, which is why getting involved in your school is so important.