scott_noblett1Name: Scott Noblett

Age: 31

Hometown: Gillett, Arkansas

Where you live now: Little Elm, Texas (Dallas Suburb)

Your major(s)/minor(s) at the U of A?

Finance-Insurance & Marketing Management

If you could go back, you would major in? Why?

I wouldn’t change my major of choice.  I always loved business and the combination of finance/marketing really has provided a well rounded set of knowledge that I can use in both my professional and personal life.

What you do for a living (work and fun): 

I am a project manager for the Jcpenney company.  Our corporate office is located in Plano, Texas.  I have been with JCP for 7 years and have loved my time with the company.  Specifically, I manage the projects and system for the Custom Blinds, Shades and Draperies sold in the stores.  It’s a very fun and challenging business!  Outside of the workplace, I spend a lot of time volunteering for various organizations in the DFW metroplex, relaxing with friends, and traveling.

Something you wish you had done, that you didn’t, while you were in school:

I really have no complaints with my time in school.  I don’t believe I would change anything about my time at the U of A.  Every experience I had while at the University provided me with a lifetime of memories, friends and opportunities.  If anything, I would have promoted the extra-curricular activities which taught me many great things more to other students.  My involvement with the Student Alumni Board and the folks at the Arkansas Alumni Association proved to be a life-changing experience for me while on-campus.  My hope is that all students take the initiative to seek leadership involvement opportunities while at the U of A.

One thing you were glad you did while you were at the U of A: 

I am most proud of my involvement with the Arkansas Alumni Association while attending the U of A.  I learned so many life lessons through my involvement but most importantly I learned about the pride, traditions, and importance of the Alumni Association.  As president of the Student Alumni Board, I had the chance to actively be a voice for the student body to the AAA.  I was given the ability to see Homecoming events come together from the first stages of planning.  I was blessed to understand how passionate so many of our Alumni are about the University and its continued momentum amongst colleges and universities nationwide.  I developed, during this time, the pride I now share with everyone I meet!

Advice you would offer students or new graduates:  

My advice for students and new graduates really is the same.  Someone I really look up to once told me… “Scott, you will always succeed when you do everything from what makes your heart feel good.  Your heart will help you make good decisions and your heart will guide your when your mind steers you wrong.  Keep your head up high, do your very best in everything you do.  Be true to yourself and others.  Never let what other people think of you bring you down.  Remember that whether you think you can or not, you will.  Last but not least, have fun!”