Northwest Arkansas and the University of Arkansas have always been home to Dr. Darrin Storms. Working as an orthodontist at Storms Orthodontics, his dental office in Fayetteville, he spends much of his time taking care of the people of Northwest Arkansas and their smiles.  However, for Storms, who is a member of the Arkansas Alumni Association, it is important for him to find time give back to the university by reaching out to its students and helping those who express an interest in the world of dentistry.

Through his membership with the Association and his lasting relationships with former professors, Storms has worked to inform and educate pre-dental students at the University of Arkansas. “I have spoken to the Pre-Dental Club at the university and have been happy to have numerous pre-dental students spend time observing in my office,” he said. In an effort to guide those who wish to make a career in dentistry, Storms enjoys listening to various questions students ask, hopeful that his answers will guide them in their future careers. “I had some very important mentors in the dental community when I was in school and I want to do the same for those in school now,” he said.

These mentors included Dr. Jerry Rose, the pre-dental advisor at the University and Dr. Lorraine Brewer, a chemistry/biochemistry Instructor. Both instructors influenced Storms during his years at the University of Arkansas and helped him to work toward the opportunity to attend dental school. Apart from the university faculty, Storms met a local oral surgeon, Dr. J.B. Hayes, while in school. Getting to know Dr. Hayes allowed him to obtain his “first opportunity in dentistry,” which in turn, gave him valuable experience upon entering dental school.

As Storms reflects on his years at the university, he cannot forget those with whom he has maintained close friendships over the years. Meeting Wade Kifer and Vince Lloyd presented him with two new life-long friends who eventually became his roommates at the University Of Tennessee School Of Dentistry in Memphis.

Since graduating from dental school in 2005, Storms has moved back to Fayetteville and started his own practice. Moving back to the area has allowed him to become reacquainted with the university, as well as the Arkansas Alumni Association. His immense love for all things Razorbacks led him to join the Razorback Foundation, giving him the opportunity to support Razorback athletics—another aspect of the university which Storms enjoys with friends and family. His wife Amy, and their 2-year-old son Will, often join him at various Razorback sporting events throughout the year.

When asked why he joined the Arkansas Alumni Association, Storms found himself humbled by the institution that offered him so much opportunity, as well as those who helped to lead him to where he is today. “It has always been, and will always be, home to me and I am proud to support the University of Arkansas. Why wouldn’t I support the school that has given so much to me?”