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Building the Corporate Ladder: A conversation with Aaron Stahl B.S.B.A. ’06

He knew he didn’t want to take the typical career path.

While a junior at the U of A, Aaron Stahl noticed his friends gearing up to live a corporate life, ready to climb the ladder.

“That’s just not me,” Stahl said. “That was terrifying.”

Stahl said he owes his time at the university for showing him what he wished to achieve professionally.

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August 2019 e-Zine letter from the Black Alumni Society President

The Black Alumni Society is in in the process of increasing our support system for the Black Students Association and the Black Alumni Society Scholars. The support system includes the Office for Diversity an Inclusion, U of A units, colleges, schools, and the Black Alumni Society (That’s you!). As a board, we are asking you to please sign up to be a mentor or resource to CONNECT with an African American student at the U of A. BAS alumni, please set aside some time to ENGAGE with that student and INSPIRE them to set lofty goals, study hard, enjoy college and be successful!

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Message from the BAS President – July 2019

The Black Alumni Society is excited about the new year and the dynamic team that will help build on our theme: “Connect with the Past; Engage and Be Present, and Inspire for the Future.” We know that our University of Arkansas experience did not end with a cap, gown, and degree on sheepskin paper. Those symbols of completion were actually a call to higher service and a reminder that we are caretakers of the lighthouse. Our shared experiences connect us in a special way and the farther we cast our light, the sharper our vision becomes for the tasks that lie ahead.

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