Roy PhilRoy Phillipslips

Hometown: Little Rock, AR

Year: Sophomore

Major: Double major in communication & advertising/public relations

“The Phoebe Todd Harris & Anne Harris LaRew Alumni Scholarship means a lot to me. It mainly means opportunity. Every scholarship that I receive is an opportunity to better myself by furthering my education. My alumni scholarship not only help funds my education, but it puts me with a distinct group of other students that share some of the same interests as me. It also has opened up a lot of networking opportunities.”

Significant Involvement: Parent Ambassador for New Student & Family Programs, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.

Favorite class: My favorite class was my Comp II class mainly because of the instructor. His class was amazing and he has inspired me to further write.

Memorable moment: My most memorable moment was when we beat LSU and rushed the football field. My second most memorable moment was when I got initiated into my fraternity.

Honors: Acceptance into the Fulbright Honors College, 2015 Who’s Who Among American Colleges and Universities, 2015 Diversity Affairs award winner for “First Year Excellence”

Summer plans: My summer will consist of me working New Student Orientation for 6 days as a Parent Ambassador. I will also serve as a mentor for the two one-week sessions of the ACT Academy.