On Thursday, April 12, 2012, the Arkansas Alumni Association hosted the annual Spring Ring Ceremony at the Janelle Y. Hembree Alumni House. The celebration marked the largest ring ceremony to date, with more than 165 people in attendance.

Sponsored by the Student Alumni Association, ring recipients and their guests enjoyed a reception before Airic Hughes, student programs coordinator, welcomed everyone on behalf of the Alumni Association. He reminded students that this celebration was “a memorable milestone on the way to graduation.”

Although a bittersweet event, Executive Director Mike Macechko, in his last ring ceremony, announced the names of more than 70 ring recipients, all of whom received their ring and a certificate. He provided students and their guests with the tradition of the ring and the ceremony. In the program, which was given to all attendees, Macechko informed students that “while your diploma and your name on Senior Walk proudly proclaim your achievement, your ring and its meaning are always with you….Your Official UA Ring’s symbolism emphasizes the common bond and shared experience of all University of Arkansas graduates, and also invokes each wearer to tell their own unique story.”

Providing students with the history of the ring, Macechko also reminded recipients how to properly wear the ring before graduation as students and after graduation as alumni.

The event concluded with student Sam Clark singing the University of Arkansas alma mater and a special toast by Macechko.