Cathy Roe

Cathy Roe with her husband, Larry.

Written by Harrison Grimwood ’14

One of the best friends of the Arkansas Alumni Association may still be teased about “not being a Hog, and instead being a rebel,” but that doesn’t stop this friend from dedicating much of her time to the Arkansas Alumni Association.

Cathy Haynie Roe, volunteer, mother of two, Chartwells employee and a strong community member, never received a degree from the University of Arkansas. However, that has never been an issue when volunteering her time.

“I really believe if you are going to be part of a university community you should be involved, regardless if you graduated from that university,” Roe said.

Roe moved to Arkansas with her husband, Larry, 19 years ago. She said she has been involved with the association for almost 17 years.

It was when she made friends with people who were already involved with the Arkansas Alumni Association that piqued her interest. “At that time, they were doing one big fundraiser a year to support their scholarships–that is one thing I truly love is making opportunities for kids to go to school,” she said.

Now, Roe is a Northwest Arkansas Regional Network board member and an annual member of the Arkansas Alumni Association. She has made her home here in Northwest Arkansas and offers her time to organizations she thinks are deserving, but also still remains connected to her alma mater, Ole Miss. “I still work with my own university’s alumni association, mostly fundraising, sharing information,” she said.

She has been a lifelong volunteer, putting in time and effort wherever it was needed. Starting as a young girl volunteering at her church, she said it wasn’t until college that volunteerism really took hold. “I really got involved when I was in college–I’m a Zeta,” Roe said. “Their philanthropy has always been my big interest.”

Roe has served as an advisor of her former sorority on four different campuses with four different chapters. She first joined Zeta Tau Alpha as an undergraduate at Ole Miss. From there, she graduated with a degree in marketing and management.

“It’s important that if you’re not one of those people who can write that $25,000 check, get in the trenches and give your time because that’s what usually makes these things successful,” she said.

Roe is one of the people responsible for the Pig Sooie Par-Tee event that preceded the Pig Sooie Scramble. The Pig Sooie Scramble is a golf tournament hosted by the NWA Regional Network each year.

The tournament is a four-person, 18-hole scramble; the proceeds fund scholarship awarded by the Northwest Arkansas Regional Network each year. The Par-Tee is an opportunity for non-golfing supporters to get involved and donate.

“I suggested that we bring back a social event combined with an auction to thank our sponsors and volunteers, but it would bring in the non-golfers as well,” said Roe.

In addition to her volunteerism, Roe has been a prolific traveler. She’s traveled across and lived in many parts of the United States. She tries to travel or take a trip every 12 or 18 months and has visited several countries across Europe. However, her favorite is France and has taken an exceptional liking to French cuisine.

She has, in addition to the Arkansas Alumni Association, volunteered for the Walton Arts Center, sat on the Panhellenic board, and helped raise funds for numerous children’s organizations.