Tulsa OK

Written by: Maggie Tirrell My name is Maggie Tirrell and I am the 2014-2015 Alumni Association Scholarship Program intern. You may be wondering what that means and how I got there, but let me start with a bit of background information. I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. From the [...]

Maggie Tirrell: Scholarship Program Intern

Rex Eads grew up working on a farm, and loved it. He had always planned on going to school for agriculture engineering, and building a career in farming, like his dad.

Life is a Balancing Act for Rex Eads

As the out-of-state leg of the third week of the 2010 Pride of Arkansas Tour wrapped up in Tulsa, Okla., the in-state staff team continues their travels in southern Arkansas. No matter where we go, though, we are meeting many alumni who are proudly passing on the family legacy of receiving a diploma from the University of Arkansas to their children.

University of Arkansas Students Carry on the Razorback Family Tradition