Tori Faulkner_240Name: Katie Atkins

Year graduated: May 2013

What activities were you involved in at the University of Arkansas? I was a biomedical engineering major at the University of Arkansas and was really involved in the engineering college. I was named Engineering Student of the Year my senior year of college, which was a really exciting honor for me! I was very involved in Greek Life and was the president of Alpha Delta Pi in 2012.

Were you aware of the Student Alumni Association while in school? I was not aware of the SAA as an undergraduate student, but since graduating, I have loved my free one-year membership in the association. I feel like being a member of the Alumni Association since graduating has really helped me feel more connected to what’s going on in Fayetteville and on campus at the University of Arkansas. I wish I had known about the SAA so I could’ve gotten involved when I was a student!

What was your major and why did you choose it? I chose engineering because I’ve always been strong in math and science. I always thought I wanted to go to medical school but wasn’t exactly sure how I would get there through engineering. Once I found out more about biomedical engineering, I knew that would be the perfect major to combine all of my interests together into one.

What is your current job and where are you located? I currently live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and am a first year medical student at Oklahoma State University’s College of Medicine.

How would describe the transition from college to the professional world? Transitioning from college has definitely been a big change for me! The good thing is, Tulsa is only a short drive away from Fayetteville so I am still able to come back to visit when I have time. Being in medical school is a huge time commitment but I’m excited about the opportunities it will give me in the future.

What advice would you give to a current freshman on campus? I would tell the freshmen to cherish this time and college experience. As cliché as it sounds, it really does go by so quickly! Get involved and plugged in on campus and in our community because my favorite college memories are ones that involved giving back to our campus and community.

What advice would you give a graduating senior? Use the University of Arkansas as a resource! There are so many great places on campus that can help you with job interviews, resume workshops, networking and more. Soak up every minute you have left in Fayetteville. We are so lucky to live in such a fun college town, enjoy it!