arkansas_running_razorbackBe a part of the excitement of Razorback summer camps. Registration is now open for camps in a variety of sports for boys and girls. Kids will have the opportunity to sharpen their athletic skills at state-of-the-art facilities on the University of Arkansas campus.

Razorback Summer Camps Schedule

Updated June 7, 2011

June 21-23 – Session 1 of Junior Razorback All Skills Camp (Ages 6-12)
June 28-30 – Session 2 of Junior Razorback All Skills Camp (Ages 6-12)
July 6 – Pitching Camp (Ages 10 and up)
July 7 – Hitting/Position Camp (Ages 10 and up)
August 12, 13 or 14 – Razorback Select Showcase (High School Players Only)
Coach Dave Van Horn, former and current players, and the staff at Baum Stadium will be on hand to provide instruction at various camps.
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Men’s Basketball
June 10-12 – Team Camp (Grades 8-12)
June 12-15 – Overnight Camp (Grades 5-12)
June 27-30 – Skills Camp (Grades 1-4)
August 6 – Position Camp (Grades 8-12)
Boys will have the opportunity to receive individual instruction from Coach Mike Anderson and his staff.
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Women’s Basketball
June 6-8 – Lil’Backs Camp (Grades K-4 from 4:30-7:00 p.m.)
June 15-17 – Team Camp I
June 17-18 – Basketball Boot Camp (Grades 8-12)
July 8-9 – Team Camp II
July 12-14 – Fundamental Camp (Grades 5-8)
July 15-16 – Position Camp (Grades 4-8)
July 16 – Parent/Child Camp (Grades 3-8)
Girls will receive one-on-one and team instruction from Coach  Tom Collen and his staff to elevate their basketball skills.
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June 12-14 – Senior High Camp (Grades 9-12)
June 15 – Youth Camp (Grades 1-4)
June 16-18 – Jr. High Camp (Grades 5-8)
July 16 – Junior/Senior Prospect Camp
Campers will learn the importance of attitude, discipline, pride and hard work at Coach Bobby Petrino’s camp along with enhancing their playing skills.
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Men’s Golf
June 12-15 – (Ages 10-18)
Campers will have the ability to learn at various skill levels, basic and advanced techniques, while enjoying the game of golf at the Razorback Training Facility.
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Women’s Golf
June 12-15 – (Ages 10-19) senior graduates may attend
Girls of all skill levels will learn basic and advanced techniques of golf at a collegiate level and in a fun environment.
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June 25-29 – (Ages 7 and up)
During the week campers will be instructed on all four events as well as dance, strength, trampoline and flexibility. Co-Head Coaches Mark and Rene Cook, and other staff members will be on hand to provide instruction.
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June 13-17 – Youth Co-Ed Camp (Grades K-8)
June 28-July 1 – Girls Residential Camp (Grades 8-12)
All skill levels are invited to learn about the fundamentals of soccer from Razorback coaches and current and former Razorback players.
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August 27 – (Grades 8-12)
Campers will learn catching skills, infield and outfield play, baserunning, and hitting at Bogle Park.
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Tennis Co-Ed Camp
June 13-16 – Session I (Ages 7-18)
June 20-23 – Session II (Ages 7-18)
Both camps are from 9:30-4 p.m. and campers will receive quality instruction from Camp Director Eduardo Rincon and staff. Campers will learn technique, competitive drills, games, conditioning, and match play.
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July 5-7 – Lil’Back Camp (Grades 4-7)
July 8-10 – All Skills Camp (Grades 8-12)
July 11-13 – Team Camp I (JV and Varsity)
July 14 – Position Camp
July 15-17 – Team Camp II (Varsity only)
July 19 – Team Camp (Junior High only)
Campers of all skill levels will have the opportunity to learn valuable techniques from the Razorback coaching staff and other college and club coaches.
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