Kris Macechko

Congratulations to the University of Arkansas Central Development Management Staff for going Whole Hog. They have 100 percent membership in the Arkansas Alumni Association. We value each and every membership. Every annual membership contributes $5 to our need-based scholarship fund. In addition, every three-year membership contributes $15 and life memberships contribute $50. This fund began in January 2009 and has already helped ELEVEN students!

University of Arkansas Central Development Management Staff Goes Whole Hog

The fourth and final week of the 2010 Pride of Arkansas Tour kicked off in Fort Smith and continued to central Arkansas with stops in Little Rock and North Little Rock. We quickly discovered that alumni love to talk about their fondest memories as a student at the University of Arkansas, whether it playing sports or attending games, meeting new friends or getting to know future spouses.

Alumni Fondly Remember Meeting Spouses and Lifelong Friends at the ...