Since its founding in 1878, the Arkansas Alumni Association has stayed true to its mission—“to connect and serve the University of Arkansas family.” As new alumni form each year, it is the goal of the Association to maintain contact with those who wish to remain close to the university and show their support through donations, volunteerism, membership and chapter involvement.

In 1960, the Arkansas Alumni Association created the chapter program as a way for alumni and friends to reconnect in various areas throughout the country. With many groups existing prior to 1960, it wasn’t until the Association officially became incorporated that the chapter program began. Currently, there are 26 active chapters across the country that provide members with opportunities to network, attend Razorback watch parties, volunteer within their communities, as well as host and participate in other various activities that help to support the University of Arkansas.

“The purpose of this program is to provide local level activity which is driven by volunteers and supported by the Association staff,” said Anthony McAdoo, senior director of alumni programs for the Arkansas Alumni Association.

The activities that are created within these chapters are the product of the volunteers. Each chapter has a board, which includes a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Depending upon the size of the chapter, volunteers can take on the role of membership chair, events chair, young alumni chair, and even webmaster just to name a few.

With chapters forming all over the United States, McAdoo says it is a great way for “individuals who are looking to get involved,” to meet other alumni who share the same passion for the University of Arkansas and wish to give back.

As membership continues to grow, and more and more students graduate, the Association hopes that chapters will continue to grow larger in number nationally and internationally. For those who are interested in starting a chapter, there are a few requirements that must be met.

To start a chapter and become chartered, at least 250 alumni must be residing within a 50-mile radius of the area in which the chapter is located. Those who would like to serve as leaders within the chapter will receive a start-up kit that provides all of the information needed for starting the chapter and keeping it maintained. Individuals who do not reside in a chapter area, or who do not meet the requirements to start a chapter, are encouraged to start a Regional Razorbacks group, which encourages alumni to reach out and connect with others in the area.

The Association encourages all alumni to get involved with a local chapter or Regional Razorbacks group as it is a great way to show your continued support of the University of Arkansas and the Arkansas Alumni Association.

For more information about starting a chapter or Regional Razorbacks group, you may contact Anthony McAdoo at