Clint Shoemake and Katie McGehee were the recipients of the 2013 Senior Honor Citation.

The Arkansas Alumni Association is currently accepting nominations and applications to recognize outstanding graduating seniors as Razorback Classics and recipients of the Senior Honor Citation.

Celebrating its 49th year, the Senior Honor Citation program honors a senior undergraduate man and woman for outstanding achievement throughout the college career.  This prestigious award carries a $500 cash prize, a life membership in the Arkansas Alumni Association, and a permanent recognition plaque at the Janelle Y. Hembree Alumni House.  The awards will be announced in April and presented at a luncheon with the Alumni Board of Directors and other students in May.

The Razorback Classic award dates back to 1916. The Arkansas Yearbook staff transformed this award in 1994 to recognize outstanding students. Working with the Yearbook staff, the Arkansas Alumni Association will be expanding their student awards program by reestablishing the Razorback Classics program. In honor of 1910 when the Razorback became the University of Arkansas’s mascot, the 10 awardees will be recognized in a feature article in the Arkansas Yearbook and Arkansas Magazine, as well as a three-year membership in the Arkansas Alumni Association at a reception.

The top male and top female applicant will be selected as the Senior Honor Citation award recipients. The next 10 will be selected as Razorback Classics.

Applicants should be seniors who combine academic achievement, leadership skills, and substantial extracurricular campus and/or community activities. The students must graduate as members of the Class of 2014 (graduating December ’13, May ’14, or August ’14.)

Materials for consideration must be submitted to the selection committee c/o the Arkansas Alumni Association no later than Wednesday, March 31, 2014.  For award guidelines, please go to or contact Ryan Miller at 575-2801 or