Whether you are in the stands or in your living room, the Razorback Marching Band wants you to be part of the Homecoming Halftime Show.

This year, the band will be playing “Thriller” and is asking anyone who wishes to participate to learn the moves and dance along with thousands of Razorback fans. Everyone is invited including those at home to dance along during the bands rendition of “Thriller.”

The Homecoming Halftime Show will be streamed live through RazorVision for FREE thanks to University Athletics. In an effort to help make Homecoming more inclusive Athletics has decided to offer the 2010 Homecoming Halftime Show for FREE through RazorVision so that everyone can watch and participate in the bands rendition of “Thriller”. The Halftime Show will also include the presentation of the 2010 Homecoming Court.

To watch the Halftime Show:

  • Visit the RazorVision site when the game clock hits zero ending the second quarter.
  • Select the “RazorVision coverage of halftime and Homecoming court presentation.” (Note: Starting time will change based on game play, and DOES NOT include any game action.)