Written by: Elizabeth ReimerReimer_Elizabeth

The first thing that people tell you when you step foot on campus is to get involved.  This is a little harder than it sounds.  Not only are you in college for the first time and trying to juggle honors classes, time management and a moderately social life, there are also an overwhelming number of ways to get involved in organizations on campus.  Before you even start to think about what to get involved in, you have to analyze what groups are right for you.

Well, I found mine!  This fall I rushed Sigma Phi Lambda, a Christian sorority on campus that strives to glorify God by providing a source of fellowship for college women who sincerely seek to know His person, His will and His ways.  Not only is Phi Lamb a great place to find new friends, it is also a wonderful place to find study buddies!

The second week of my new membership in Phi Lamb was Big-Little reveal week.  New members are each assigned to an active member of the sorority, a “big sister,” to show them the ropes, and be an encouragement and light to the new girls.  My Big is amazing and she is also in the Honors college and Student Alumni Association with me.  These have been really great bonding points for us, and she is truly becoming one of my best friends on campus.  In addition to my friendship with my Big, I share a major with one of the new member mentors.  I can foresee many late night coffee-shop study sessions with her in the future.

Overall, my first semester here on campus has been a wonderful experience, and I hope that everyone has the opportunity to get involved in a group where they feel welcomed.  I encourage you to ask around about groups on campus that tickle your fancy, because they will harbor friendships that will last for the duration of your college career.