missouri_hog_tagsThe Arkansas Alumni Association is excited to announce that Missouri Hog Tags will continue to be available to those interested in purchasing and/or renewing their Hog Tag who are living in the state of Missouri!

According to the Missouri General Assembly, “any community college or four-year public or private institution of higher education, or any foundation or organization representing the college or institution, located outside of the state of Missouri, which has authorized the use of its official emblem to be affixed on multiyear personalized license plates and has had its application for a specialty license plate approved by the joint committee on transportation oversight under section 301.3150 prior to August 28, 2012, may continue to authorize the use of its official emblem on such plates.”

This is exciting news for not only our Missouri residents, but for the Arkansas Alumni Association. Since the launch of the Hog Tag program in 1994, more than 1300 students have received scholarships to attend the University of Arkansas.

In an effort to help Missouri-area students attend the U of A, a portion of each plate sold will help fund Missouri chapter scholarships. So, just by purchasing a Missouri Hog Tag, you are not only displaying your Arkansas pride for all to see, but you are helping students attend the U of A!

To find out how you can get your very own Missouri Hog Tag, or to learn more about the Hog Tag program, visit http://www.hogtags.org/ or reach Kabrina Gardner at 479.575.2802 or kamey@uark.edu.