alex_baldwinName: Alex Baldwin      

Age: 30

Hometown: Piggott, AR

Where you live now: Fayetteville, AR

Your major(s)/minor(s) at the U of A: Finance

If you could go back, you would major in? Why?

If I didn’t know what I know now, I would probably major in pre-med then go to Dental School. You can begin your practice right after graduation instead of 6-10 more years of training. Dentist can set their own hours and still make a very good income.

However, knowing what I know now, I would still major in finance. Your opportunities are limitless. I love being a State Farm Agent and owning my own business.

What you do for a living (work and fun):

My profession is being a State Farm Insurance Agent. My team consists of three insurance professionals, two U of A interns and one office manager. Together, we help people protect their assets and plan for their future by selling a variety of insurance and financial services including auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, health insurance, mortgages, car financing and mutual funds.

For fun, I love being a husband and father of two. I spend most of my down time hanging out with them. My daughter has a blast going to Razorback sporting events especially football. We also go camping and canoeing when time allows.

I am also very involved in my community. I serve on different boards and committees throughout Fayetteville including the Arkansas Young Alumni Board, Fayetteville Future Fund, Alzheimers Association Leadership Council and a Chamber diplomat. 

Something you wish you had done, that you didn’t, while you were in school:

I regret not being more involved in campus activities. As a college student, my priorities were not always in the right place. I wish I would have been active in ASG, SAKE or other student organizations that would have prepared me more for the real world. You also make so many great connections that you might need later in life. 

One thing you were glad you did while you were at the U of A:

I am glad I joined a fraternity. In my opinion, having other guys going through what you are going through make tough challenges a little easier to get through, especially the first couple years. Those two years are the most challenging and when students either make it or don’t.

Advice you would offer students or new graduates:

I always encourage students to be active on campus. The lessons you learn and connections you make will help you mature faster and make you more marketable against other students who are not doing those things. Having interviewed numerous college students and college graduates, the person with the most voluntary campus involvement will usually win.

For graduates, I recommend being patient if you can and not taking the first job offer that comes along unless you know it’s the one you want. Young people sometimes don’t look five or ten years in the future when making important career decisions.