MaggieMaggie Kell is a senior at the University of Arkansas and is the membership/education co-chair for the Student Alumni Board.

Student Alumni Board has been a prestigious association across campus since it first began. I was looking to expand my involvement into different aspects across campus and this opportunity just seemed perfect. I loved the activities they put on throughout the year and just really wanted to be a part of a board that helped to make these awesome events for students happen.

As I’ve already mentioned, involvement has been a large benefit of being a part of the Student Alumni Board. There have been a multitude of opportunities that have come about since I’ve been on the board, along with connections and relationships that will last past my collegiate years and into my future career. It’s been such a positive learning experience to be able to be on this side of the board and to see the University of Arkansas from a different perspective.
Part of everyone’s college experience is getting involved and putting yourself out there. I think this also holds true for our future careers, and being part of a student organization on campus can only prove to be beneficial for each student. The Student Alumni Board is a perfect organization for every student to find some way to be involved in because in caters in one way or another to every student’s strengths and talents.
My advice for serving on the board is to give it 110 percent and to put yourself out there. In my earlier college years, I was afraid to step out there and to get involved on campus until I forced myself to do so. Since I put myself out there, I’ve become involved in many, many more organizations and positions that have all shaped me and strengthened me into the student and person I am today. Because of these organizations, especially the Student Alumni Board, I now feel equipped with many qualities and skills that will continually help me throughout my next step in life.
My ultimate dream job is to be an inpatient pediatric physical therapist. I am a kinesiology (pre-professional) major and I have recently accepted a position within the 2014 Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at Belmont University in Nashville. I couldn’t be more excited! The Student Alumni Board has helped me in ways that I could have never helped myself in preparing for this next step in my life!
Many students aren’t aware of the many events that the Student Alumni Board holds, and I encourage every student to learn more about the board and the Student Alumni Association and to put themselves out there and apply. We’re opening a lot of new positions and I am confident that there is a position that fits every student that applies. Find some way to get involved!