A quality education, new opportunities and inspiring faculty members are all reasons why Jade Jones Rundle holds the University of Arkansas in such high regard. Knowing that teaching was the career path she wanted to take, Rundle attributes her teaching successes to the connections she made while a student at the university.

Growing up in the small town of Piggott, Arkansas, Rundle knew a large college town would provide her with what she needed to receive a good education. It also gave her a chance to attend college sporting events, saying that she remembers “getting ready with friends for my very first Razorback Football game. It was the first one I’d ever been to.”

Razorback games are not the only fond memories she has of the university.  She considers Dr. Marta Collier and Dr. Bobbit to be professors who provided help and inspiration during her years in school. One thing she credits as being instrumental was her time working as a student caller. “I gained a lot through my college experience, and even my time as a student caller and manager at the National Phone Campaign, helped me talk to people more and be myself.  I gained life skills through my work there,” she said.

In 2006, she graduated with a degree in elementary childhood education, which eventually led her to becoming a fourth grade teacher at The New School in Fayetteville, and a supporter of the Arkansas Alumni Association. As members of the association, Rundle and her husband Zach, enjoy taking their son, Caden, to various events that the association provides. “We attend pre-game rallies with Zach’s family,” she said.

Appreciative of the perks that are offered to alumni members, Rundle realizes how important it is to give back to the university. “As a former student caller, I know how crucial any money raised for the University is,” she said. Through the association, money from each membership goes to need-based scholarships. These funds help to make it possible for students to attend the University of Arkansas.

With this knowledge, Rundle encourages students to not take their college experience for granted, saying, “Enjoy college!  Study hard.  Meet a ton of people and build connections.  It is a great time in your life to do those things and it goes by before you know it.”