Very few schools can boast they have a cheer as memorable as the University of Arkansas. To any Razorback fan, it would not be a normal game if they did not hear the “Hog Call” at least a few times while in the stands. Fans are accustomed to naturally begin the famous “Woo Pig Sooie” cheer at the start of any sporting event, but have you ever asked yourself where it originated? Although the student body officially changed Arkansas’ mascot from the cardinal to the Razorback in 1910, the famous battle cry did not get its start until nearly a decade later in the 1920s. As a lagging Razorback football team struggled to stay in the fight for the “W,” a group of farmers started squealing like hogs to offer encouragement. The farmers’ support seemed to work, as the Razorbacks came out victorious. The surrounding crowd took notice and put their nonsensical squeals to use at the next game when a group of men organized the “Woo Pig Sooie” cheer. Since then, it has become the school’s best-known cheer, garnering national attention for the U of A through its uniqueness and intimidating quality. So the next time you attend a Razorback event, remember even the simplest things like the “Hog Call” have an incredible history and enduring tradition at the University of Arkansas.

-Caitlin Lamb, Director of Traditions