As student leaders, Mycah Hamilton and Sean Stewart were both heavily involved in the Homecoming 2014 student competition. Though their pairing won the Greek Life division, a Homecoming victory wasn’t all they walked away with… they found each other and a love that will last a lifetime through Homecoming 2014. Hamilton and Stewart are now happily engaged and are starting the newest chapter of their lives in the great big apple, New York City.

As we gear up for Homecoming 2015, we thought it might be a little fun to do a he said/she said on how last year’s Homecoming harbored a lifetime love. Check out their answers below. Do you have your own Hog Tale? Share it with us here.

What was your involvement with Homecoming 2014?

She Said:
I was Chi Omega’s Homecoming chair.

He Said:
I was the president of PIKE.

Micah 2At what point did you meet each other?

She Said: The weekend after our Homecoming pairings were revealed, I was out with my friends and my friend, Michelle, had worked with Sean the previous summer. I guess she saw him and runs over to me and says as she’s pulling me across the room, “OMG the PIKE president is here you have to go over there and meet him.” So I go over there and introduce myself and say something like “Oh, hey I guess we’re going to be working together a lot.”

He Said: We were introduced the first week of the semester, but we didn’t start actually talking to each other until after the homecoming meeting in the alumni house.

How did Homecoming effect and/or establish your relationship?

She Said: Homecoming was the whole reason we meet. It helped establish our relationship because I was really attracted to his work ethic and how well we got along doing something that can be really stressful at times. He let me know that if there was anything I needed help with, that he would be available at any time, and he was. I didn’t see him as someone to have a relationship with at first, but as we worked together I saw a lot of qualities I admired.

He Said: It made it so we had to work together, as leaders of our organizations, so I’d say spending a lot of time together effected our relationship.

Micah 3What is your favorite memory of Homecoming together?

She Said: My favorite/funniest memory was one night we were all working on the float and Sean comes out to see how everything is. PIKE had this Pikes Peak date event coming up in a few weeks that I was kinda secretly hoping he would ask me to. So we’re standing outside kinda talking about Pikes Peak with his friend, Rob, and he said something like “Oh yeah Mycah you should come, maybe Sean will ask you.” I said something back to him like “Thanks for making that awkward Rob.” Rob replied, “Well, what would make it really awkward is if I walked away right now,” and he did! So there’s Sean and I just standing there just us to being completely awkward. Good news though, he did end up asking me.

He Said: When we were at PIKE working on the float.

When did you know he/she was “the one?”

She Said: I think I knew pretty early on that Sean was the one. I didn’t really date anyone throughout college because I was really picky and looking for someone special who would be mature and serious about a relationship, and Sean was that. I only wish that we had meet earlier than senior year but I’m glad we did and that is because of homecoming.

He Said: As graduation got closer and I didn’t want to leave Fayetteville without her.

MicahWhat is the story of your proposal?

She Said: So one Sunday night toward the end of the year we had a date night. He took me to Woodstone Pizza which was the place we had our first date. I knew something was up because of that and because he said “Do you see what I’m wearing?” I said “yeah.”  Sean said, “Well, did you know I wore this on our first date?” I laughed because that is typical Sean, and I knew he was planning something. So after dinner we start driving around Fayetteville and he takes me up to Mt. Sequoyah. I was already getting emotional just looking over all of Fayetteville and knowing I had so many great memories here and, that I only had a few more weeks left. Then he asked me to go on a walk and he started walking me down the aisle by that outside church on the top of the hill, and he got down on one knee. It was such a magical moment and I knew he was nervous because he was shaking so bad when putting on the ring.

He Said: We went to Woodstone, where we had our first date, and then I proposed on Mt. Sequoyah.

How do you plan to stay involved with Homecoming and the Alumni Association from your new home, New York?

She Said: We love Fayetteville so much for bringing us together and for all the memories. We have some Arkansas memorabilia in our New York City apartment and are constantly reppin’ the Hogs on the streets here! (laughter) We plan to come back for homecoming and to stay involved with our Alma Mater that we love so much.

He Said: Well, I suppose I’ll join the alumni association and try to come back to Fayetteville for a game as regularly as I can.  I’m also still in touch with younger friends I made through PIKE.