featuring (2)“At the stone of youth, old becomes new; love was embraced where we said, I do. Twenty one years from when we first met on campus as members of the Razorback Marching Band, we met again in Dallas at the Southwest Classic! Fast friends in college, we had gone separate ways and pursued careers in different parts of the country after graduating. Suzanne had moved back to the Dallas area where she had grown up and Erick had spent most of his time in South Arkansas where he had moved for work after college. In 2010, Erick travelled to Dallas for the Southwest Classic with friends and met up with Suzanne at the game. From that reacquaintance meeting, we began a long distance friendship between El Dorado and Fort Worth. Our mutual love for the Hogs and the UofA brought us together in college as members of the Razorback Marching and Hogwild Bands. It brought us back together again – this time for good. Our long distance friendship became a forever love and I couldn’t think of a better place to ask Suzanne to marry me than at Spoofer’s Stone – a symbol of our love for one another and the place we love that brought us together. This past summer, we celebrated our one year anniversary with the Diamond Hogs in Omaha and look forward to many more years of Hogtastic fun and love together!”

-Arkansas Alumni Member Suzanne Wiggins BSBA’93


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