After being reviewed by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, the Arkansas Alumni Association is pleased to announce that the Razorback will soon be appearing on license plates in Texas!

Orders for the new and official Texas Razorback plate will begin at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, September 10, 2010!  The new Razorback plates can be personalized and contain up to six letter/numbers. Other characters including a dash, hyphen, or apostrophe may be substituted for a letter/number. To check the availability of a personalized message and the options available, visit

The Razorback plate in Texas allows you to show your Razorback pride in the Lone Star state!  While the majority of proceeds from the sale of each Razorback plate support the Texas General Revenue Fund, a small portion of each plate is directed to a scholarship fund that will support students from Texas (with a preference given to legacy students) attending the University of Arkansas.  My Plates prices range from $55 to $195 for a one-year plate. The yearly cost gets lower when plates are purchased for a longer term i.e. less than $30/yr when purchased for a 10yr term.

Order online at or by calling 888-7MY-PLATES.

About three to four weeks after you ordered your plate, you can pick them up at your local county office, then put them on your car and enjoy!

Once you get your tag, renewals are handled directly by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Just prior to your Specialty plate term expiring (1, 5 or 10yrs) the TxDMV will send you out a notice for plate renewal. All FAQ’s are found at

The Arkansas Alumni Association is pleased to reach this point!  Texas is the largest base of Razorbacks and alumni outside of Arkansas and we know that our alumni and fans will be proudly showing off their pride.  This tag will help with the University’s increased visibility in Texas which will impact student recruitment, alumni relations and support for the Razorbacks.

Interested alumni and Razorback fans in other states are welcome to help us locate the next state in which we start a campaign to get the Razorback on license plates.  Learn more and find out how you can help.