Hearing from a Hog is a Student Alumni Association exclusive program that allows students to meet with alumni in their desired career field. Recently, our friends at ModThink hosted a dinner for students interested in advertisement, PR and marketing.

I enjoyed my dinner at ModThink last Tuesday because not only did we sit with the owners and staff, but we also talked about what college students needed to be doing right now in order to be prepared for the real world. We started by introducing ourselves and talking about hometowns and majors. The hosts told us how most of their jobs were given to them because of who they knew. Yes, experience and knowledge is necessary, but they felt that you never know who can help you out in the long run and how important it is to think every person you talk to as if they could be a big factor in your life later on. We discussed ModThink and how they produce ads for business and what exactly this entails. The owners were very funny, and encouraged us to work hard because that is how success is won.

-Ava Graham, Junior Advertising/Public Relations major from Jonesboro, Arkansas




More About Mr. Litizinger: Mr. Litizinger is a vital member of the Fayetteville community having serves on the board of the Elizabeth Richardson center, and as a past president of the Rotary Club in Fayetteville. Currently Mr. Litzinger is the Chief Operating Officer and Business Development Director of ModThink, a truly revolutionary marketing company that works with small companies to get their products sold in large retailers using a variety of innovative methods. In the past he has worked at places such as IBM and for the Department of Health & Human Services and lived in exciting places like Washington D.C. and Atlanta before coming back to Fayetteville where he received his Bachelors of Arts from the University of Arkansas. In addition, Steve has hired one of our very own former SAB members Beka Goad.